Wisconsin Sustainable Planting and Harvest Guidelines for Nonforest Biomass

Posted on November 29, 2011
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Interest in bioenergy is increasing in response to concerns about energy security, energy independence, and environmental and climate impacts associated with use of non-renewable energy resources. The expansion of the biomass energy industry has the potential to benefit Wisconsin’s water resources, wildlife habitat, and agricultural sectors by reducing erosion, providing a market for materials removed during habitat man-agement activities, expanding markets for agricultural products, creating jobs and reducing reliance on non-renewable fuels.

The development of science-based voluntary guidelines, which can be found in this 98-page publication, in advance of widespread biomass planting and harvesting in Wisconsin is intended to help ensure sustainability of and, whenever possible, provide a benefit to the natural resources of the state. These voluntary guidelines will help users make informed decisions about bioenergy production on both public and private lands throughout Wisconsin and help inform policy decisions for future emerging bioenergy programs. Download the report. . .


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