Cow Power: The Film

Posted on December 4, 2012
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Cow Power: The Film, a new investigative documentary, focuses on the history and science behind the few places in the United States that generate electricity by using biogas, which is converted from cow manure, as fuel to power reciprocal engines equipped with generators.

The film will reveal the down-to-earth story behind the Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) Cow Power Project. This unique initiative provides grants and technical support to local Vermont dairy farmers who choose to install anaerobic methane digesters on their farms in an effort to reduce electricity costs and carbon footprints.

CVPS and local Vermont dairy farmers are not the only ones involved in this effort. A host of local Vermont businesses such as the LongTrail Brewery, Vermont T’s, Green Mountain College, and Middlebury College have joined other customers in paying a monthly premium to support the project.

The trailer for the film is linked below. The film, which may have a runtime of one and a half hours, is expected be released some time in 2013. For more information, contact:

Media Inquiries | Elizabeth Cormack | Email: | Phone: (703) 774-8287

Other Inquiries | Allison Gillette | Email: | Phone: (802) 855-3229

Or visit the Cow Power: The Film’s website.

Cow Power: The Film Trailer


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