Fertilization intensifies competition for light and endangers grassland diversity

When grasslands are fertilized their productivity is increased, but their plant diversity is diminished, according to Prof. Andrew Hector, Institute of Environmental Sciences, University of Zurich. In the last 50 years, levels of plant-available nitrogen and phosphorous have doubled worldwide. This additional supply of plant nutrients is predicted to be one of the three most important […]

Growing Power, Inc.

Editor’s Note: Here’s an interesting urban farm system group based in Milwaukee, Wis. It’s worth checking into. Below is a short description from its web site. Link to the web site at: Growing Power, Inc. Growing Power, Inc. transforms communities by supporting people from diverse backgrounds and the environments in which they live through the […]

Soybean checkoff invests in sustainable agriculture

ST. LOUIS (April 22, 2009) – The United Soybean Board (USB) and soybean checkoff are proud to serve on the steering committee for “Field to Market”, the Keystone Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture. The soybean checkoff will provide nearly $160,000 in funding to Field to Market,  whose steering committee is a diverse group of grower organizations, […]

Could food shortages bring down civilization?

In the May issue of “Scientific American,” Lester Brown, of the Earth Policy Institute, discusses how food shortages could be the weak link that brings down civilization. In this feature article, “Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilization?” Brown reveals that the biggest threat to global political stability is the potential for food crises in poor […]