Protein identified that concentrates CO2 in algae

AMES, IA –– For plants and microalgae, CO2 is vital to growth. It fuels their photosynthesis process that, along with sunlight, manufactures sugars required for growth. CO2 is present in such a limiting concentration that microalgae and some plants have evolved mechanisms to capture and concentrate CO2 in their cells to improve photosynthetic efficiency and increase […]

Applied Principles in Biomanufacturing

Biomanufacturing remains a critical step in the reality of biotechnology innovations becoming marketable products. The Master of Science in Biotechnology at UW-Madison announces a new certificate course, Applied Principles in Biomanufacturing, designed to help you bring an applied, working understanding of biomanufacturing back to your employer. This certificate course will take place June 22–26, 2009 […]

New enzymes created for biofuel production

Pasadena, CA –– Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and world-leading gene-synthesis company DNA2.0 have taken an important step toward the development of a cost-efficient process to extract sugars from cellulose –– the world’s most abundant organic material and cheapest form of solar-energy storage. Plant sugars are easily converted into a variety of renewable […]

When fungi attack

Scientists try using nature’s approach to break down biomass for cellulosic ethanol It looks like a chunk of wood. It looks like a small piece of a big tree, something you might grab two-handed to toss into the campfire. Pick it up, and it feels like florist’s foam. It’s light as a dry sponge and […]